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Experience the exquisite taste of our coffee and savor the labor of love that goes into every cup.

The Coffee And Its Process

A unique coffee is produced in our farms due to its proximity to the imposing Paramo of Miraflores, obtaining unique characteristics of coffee grown at altitudes above 1700 masl.

The process begins with the collection and selection of fully ripe, free of green or overripe cherries.

Following the collection and selection comes the fermentation from 30 to 60 hours, in this step we pulp the fruit, store it in stainless steel tanks so that the mucilage and its bacteria accentuate the sweetness and its different aromatic notes that the beans possess.


After 30 to 60 hours of fermentation, the coffee is moved to the drying area, where on African-style beds it is extended to lower its humidity, until it reaches 11% to 12%, to obtain this, the coffee is shifted at a minimum 5 times a day and is shaped into long rows of no more than 5 cm in height, controlling the humidity and temperature of the beans.


After observing that the humidity is among the required ranges, samples are taken for tasting.

Every step in the coffee process is a big deal, it’s extremely important in determining how the coffee comes out as a finish product. From harvesting the coffee cherries by hand-picking them off the plant, to the time when the coffee beans are ready to be shipped.

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